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Our education system has gone online. If you homeschool your children, or would like to, consider Enlightium Christian Academy as your partner in private online Christian homeschooling. We take the guesswork out of homeschooling for grades K-12.

Cognia Accreditation

Accreditation ensures that other accredited schools and universities recognize our students’ transcripts, credits, and courses.

Anytime Learning

Anytime Enrollment

Christian Worldview

We take the classroom to wherever you may be, regardless of timezone, provided a reliable internet connection is available. Lessons can also be completed offline.
Students can enroll at any time during the year and counselors will work to align the coursework to match up to previously completed work from the other school.
Our program has an emphasis on incorporating the Christian worldview in everything we do. The curriculum and staff provide a foundation for Christian living.

Online Christian Homeschool for PreK-12

Enlightium Academy is an accredited, private online Christian school that provides homeschoolers a flexible schedule, engaging curriculum, caring teachers, and an individualized learning plan tailored to helping your child succeed academically.

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  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Flexible & Convenient Schedule
  • Teacher-led Individualized Instruction
  • College Preparatory Curriculum
  • 43 Career Focused Electives
  • Affordable Monthly Payment Plan
  • Enroll Anytime Throughout the Year
  • AP & Honors Courses
  • NCAA Approved Courses
  • A U.S. High School Diploma
  • Accredited Learning Institution
  • Bible-based Curriculum - King James
  • Support via Email, Phone and/or Video
  • Summer School/Credit Recovery Courses
  • College and Career Counseling
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Homeschooling your child under the umbrella of an accredited private school requires parental involvement from one to five hours a day depending on your child's age, learning style, and support plan. We hope this quiz will assist you in making an informed decision about your child's education.

For this reason, we developed a short quiz to help you decide which support package best fits your student.

*Please take the quiz one time per child.


Based on your answers, we recommend the Title.

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The suggested support packages are solely based on your answers. Once your student starts classes, you will have 14 days to change the tuition package, if desired, with no fee. Click here to compare all support packages.

Which support plan fits your family?